Identification and evaluation of Impacts

The various impacts of the BNU Mining Project on the physical, biological and human environment of the project area were identified and estimated within the framework of the Land Use Study and DEIA. The most significant potential impacts relate to: dust emissions during the operation phases, intermittent noises and vibrations of blasting, changes in the hydrological regime, surface water quality, alteration of groundwater, soil erosion, herders displacement and the loss of pasture/grazing.

It is also necessary to consider the positive impactsin this assessment, including infrastructure development, training, employment and the taxes/royalties that Terra Energy will contribute to Government.

Mitigation, compensatory or support measures similar to those in place for mining projects of the same size located in Mongolia, were planned for each of the potential impacts identified. A proper implementation of these mitigation measures would reduce the scope of these impacts to a level of significance considered as minor. In addition, the implementation of a herder displacement plan and compensation for pasture/grazing loss, together with a proactive program of consultation and social development will significantly reduce the impact on the socio-economic background.

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