Terra Energy Health, Safety & Environment management is founded on the principle of “zero tolerance and safety first.” This approach requires a strict adherence to standards at all times and an intolerance of unsafe acts at all levels. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we take our responsibilities very seriously.   In particular:

  • All employees, visitors, and contractors will be given a safety induction, the type is dependent upon the role of the individual and in the case of visitors the length of time they stay on site.
  • Personal Protection Equipment is mandatory on site and will be provided if necessary

Our safety culture is based upon the following principles:

  1. Encourage Best Practice:Speaking up, sharing information and ideas, near misses, incidents and hazards. Review the effectiveness of controls and continually build layers of protection. Ongoing, meaningful, monitoring and the review of controls, procedures, and policies.
  2. Firm but Fair: People are not blamed for honest mistakes or practices condoned by leaders. However, we cannot excuse mistakes and will ensure we capture lessons to enhance our working safely environment.
  3. Respect: Listen to and encourage ideas from others. Show respect for knowledge and experience.
  4. Risk/Hazard Aware: Encourage accountability and ensure responsibility. We will constantly assess how to eliminate risk from everything we do by ensuring we understand the process and control measures to be put in place.
  5. Safety: Strive to stay safe at all times and encourage team members to do the same.

Check here for Terra Energy’s ‘safety golden rules’.

Download Terra Energy’s OHS policy.